October Monday 11th (cited in apa format)

True Ture turly utre

Juicy, chillable red wines have been the fashion for a while now, but once the leaves go crunch and the temperature dips below 60, I want my wine opaque, oaky, and at cellar temperature. Bordeaux, Napa, Rioja, I’m looking at you, at least for a few weeks until I remember that I do in fact prefer white wine year-round.

Btw i know its so core millennial of me,to make this grid post! Especially without with a selfie, its no makeup i just took one sweet look of myself in a mirror on one sweet day and knew i had to make this grid post too ask for some sexy witchy boots for my birthday! Its just a grid post ahaa i know, i know, its so millennial of me but ill be posting my venmo to make a sweet little grid post of my witchy black birthday boots! all it takes is one little boots! and a social media break from these ittle grid posts i know i know! ahaa but i made one

October Sunday 10th forever and ever amen!

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