hey i trully got to fill this in later! Last cappuccino for hopefully a month I’m doing #soberoctober and for me that includes coffee and not tea. Also certain dopamine dispensers like mobile Facebook and dumb snacks.

I’m getting myself a pair of evil and sexy boots for my bday. My Venmo is Little Miss BUCKS you may all chip in at your leisure if you want to be part of this aspect of our collective evolution. #prosperitygospel #maleficent I won’t show you the boots because if I do you will buy them

I have a crush on a prof dont like it SAULT ME! Ughhh at least it not my boy friend’s dad

so say geramo SAY geronmio SAY geronimo can you feel itttt bombs away bombs away boms away! song is geronimo by sheppherd i downloaded it legally thats right thats right thats right thats right thats right ma ma pa pa (mama cass choke on a ham sandwich NOT gossip :p) Not a little piece of gossip! Storys like hat dont make they way thru the arrow of time without a shreds of a truth!

EVERY story begins with truth EVERY story begins with truth

Hey there yellow blanket girl why are youu sleeping outsdie i dont know if youre a girl you got that blanket over your head! but the yelloooow power ranger is the basis of my assumption

having rice with saw mill sauce tonite btw